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Generate charts as images online. Embed dynamic charts as images.

Easy, fast, and versatile – InstaChart transforms your data into impactful visuals!

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Multiple Themes

Choose from multiple themes to suit your needs.



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Beautiful Line Charts

Your go-to online tool for effortlessly creating, customizing, and sharing professional charts as images.

Amazing Bar Charts

Calculate Max and Average values automatically.

Apply your own customization and create bar charts as images.

Piece by Piece Pie Charts

A Slice of Insight: Revealing the Whole Picture, Piece by Piece.

Apply your own customization and create bar charts as images.

Easy Radar Charts

Navigating Data Depths: Plotting Points to Connect the Dots.

Free! With Self Hosted Options.

Convert charts to images for free.

Compare with other services - free plans

Image-Charts: Quota 60 charts per minute
InstaChart: Free

QuickChart: Rate limits enforced
InstaChart: Free

Extremely fast on response on 512 MB RAM and Single Core CPU.
Written in Go and fully scalable. Zero overheads.


SVG: Vector based, can be scaled to any size
PNG: With custom dimensions

Choose the right format for your use case.
Images are generated on the fly and cached.

Under 4kb for SVG
Under 12kb for PNG

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Convert charts to images for free.

Self hosting solutions available

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